Monday, February 4, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He took the revelation of how he spends his time poorly.

Trump today relied on surrogates to deal with yesterday's revelation by the news site Axios that he spends even less time at work than previously thought. Kellyanne Conway was dispatched to a press gaggle in which she insisted that the leaked internal White House schedules, much more accurate and complete than the limited information contained in public schedules, were still not the real schedules. (Conway did not provide examples of how these purported ├╝ber-schedules would show Trump using his "executive time" for anything other than Twitter or television watching.)

But Conway, like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other surrogates, said that the release didn't matter, and that there would be no attempt to find the leaker because, as she claimed, "nobody cares."

That would be amazing if true—and it isn't, according to further reporting today. Trump's explosive temper is reliably set off by what he perceives as disloyalty, and the leak of the schedules really does appear to be yet another attempt from within Trump's own administration to weaken him

It comes on the heels of another humiliating leak from inside the White House. Trump's own intelligence aides—the people who create and present the briefings he often ignores—told Time reporter John Walcott that he is almost comically ignorant about current events, and needed to be tricked into paying attention to briefings by using his name frequently during them. 

Why should I care about this?

  • It's bad if the people hand-picked to be part of a president's team are spending this much time trying to keep him in check.