Monday, November 9, 2020

The Transition

This page will document Trump's behavior during his lame-duck period. It will be updated most days, as developments warrant. Standalone daily updates ended on Sunday, November 8.



  • Late on the day before Thanksgiving, Trump pardoned Michael Flynn who had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in an attempt to cover up his connections to Russia. Flynn, a staunch political supporter of Trump, was very briefly Trump's first national security advisor, making him an obvious target for blackmail by the Putin regime. (Nov. 25)

Firings and appointments

  • Via tweet, Trump fired Chris Krebs, the head of the agency that oversaw the DHS agency that handled cybersecurity for the election. Krebs stated publicly that the election was secure and had refused to retract public notices aimed at fighting disinformation—including false rumors spread by Trump. (Nov. 17)

  • Trump fired the Defense Secretary, Mark Esper. It is likely that Esper's insistence that Trump not invoke the Insurrection Act to deploy troops against anti-Trump protestors was the reason. (Nov. 9)

  • Trump fired Bonnie Glick, a career deputy director at the U.S. Agency for International Development, reportedly for insufficient loyalty to him. (Nov. 6)

  • Trump forced out Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration. (Nov. 6)

The presidential transition process

  • Trump ordered his administration to prepare a budget for the coming year, as though it were going to be submitted in February as usual. (Nov. 9)

  • Trump ordered his administration not to cooperate with the Biden transition team. Cooperating would not prevent Trump from pursuing court challenges. (Nov. 9)

  • Trump (via his appointee to lead the GSA) is refusing to allow the release of money and logistical support to help the Biden administration transition into power. Releasing these funds would not require Trump to concede the election, nor would it affect any court challenges. (Nov. 9)

Abuse of power

  • He directly contacted two local election commissioners in the Detroit area in an attempt to get them to vote to decertify the results of the election. He also invited Republican state legislators from Michigan to the White House, to pitch the idea of throwing out the election results and installing his own electors instead. (Nov. 19)


Trump has not yet conceded the race. As of Wednesday, November 25, it has been 22 days since Election Day, and 19 days since Joe Biden declared victory. Electoral votes are cast on December 14.