Monday, July 3, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He refused to say whether he knew the creator of his CNN wrestling video had also called for the genocide of "Islamic pieces of shit."

The video in question first appeared on /r/The_Donald, a section of the aggregator site Reddit for fans and emulators of Trump's trollish style. The author, "HanAssholeSolo," expressed his delight that Trump had approved of his "shitpost."

However, in a sudden flourish of political correctness, HanAssholeSolo also moved quickly to scrub the worst of his post history. Posts fantasizing about the death of George Soros, accusing Muslims of pedophilia, and general "minorities do all crime" racism remain; posts calling for exterminating all Muslims, using racial slurs for Asians and African-Americans, and calling for Trump to use nuclear weapons on Mecca were deleted. He also removed a reference to the "pussy hats" proudly worn by anti-Trump protestors--not offensive in and of itself, but known to be a sore subject with Trump.

Today, CNN asked the White House for comment on a list of questions about how the video came to Trump's attention, and whether he knew or cared about its origin. The White House refused to respond, except to falsely claim that the video was not taken from Reddit.

UPDATE, 7/4: HanAssholeSolo has now deleted his entire account after posting this message on Reddit apologizing for his previous posts: 
"I would also like to apologize for the posts made that were racist, bigoted, and anti-semitic. I am in no way this kind of person, I love and accept people of all walks of life and have done so for my entire life. I am not the person that the media portrays me to be in real life, I was trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on reddit and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts. I would never support any kind of violence or actions against others simply for what they believe in, their religion, or the lifestyle they choose to have. Nor would I carry out any violence against anyone based upon that or support anyone who did."
HanAssholeSolo also criticized Trump--or possibly Trump's handlers--saying, "I think they should have used their better judgment, since the President tweets things off the cuff, it's a kneejerk reaction. I don't feel that they should have posted something like that given the controversy going on between them and the media." Trump himself has still refused to acknowledge the source.

Who cares?

  • It doesn't really make any difference whether a president can't denounce an internet troll he accidentally made famous, or doesn't want to.
  • Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.
  • Refusing to admit to a mistake is a form of cowardice.