Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What did Donald Trump do today?

He decided he and his policies were very popular.

Much of Trump's 4.5-hour workday today was spent insisting that his demands that schools reopen full-time no matter what. He held a public event (titled "Kids First") with parents who he invited to praise his stance on the issue. (Trump sends his own youngest son to a school that will not be reopening.)

The end of the transcript caught a reporter trying to ask him a question as he left:

Q: Mr. President? Mr. President, what do you say to the families that are not — that don’t feel safe with their kids going back to school?

TRUMP: We’ll (inaudible). We’ll talk about it (inaudible) a little while. Too much respect for these people to discuss anything. Okay?

Coincidentally, a new poll on the subject was released today. It showed 59% of voters disapprove of fully reopening schools. For suburban voters, 60% were opposed.

Trump also declared that those same suburban voters—or at least the "housewives" among them—would be voting for him in November because his ending an anti-discrimination program would result in "low-income" people "invading" their neighborhoods. 

Trump doesn't really try to hide that by "low-income" he means non-white. He continues to insist that African-American Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) would somehow be put in charge if the anti-discrimination rule were reinstated. At a press conference today, he made it explicit:

In the real world, "suburban" isn't the same as white and wealthy, but that's not why Trump is wrong. He's losing every category of women in most polls: white, nonwhite, wealthy, working-class, with or without college education. 66% of suburban women disapprove of his performance in office, and an average of polls taken since June show Joe Biden with a 23% edge among women.

Why is this a problem?

  • One way to get voters to support you is to not have policies a clear majority of them hate.
  • Saying you're popular doesn't make you popular.