Monday, June 29, 2020

What did Donald Trump do today?

He said 5% of imaginary Republicans are stupid, fake Republicans.

Trump has suffered badly in polls for his handling of the economic, racial justice, and public health crises that have erupted this year. He now trails Democratic nominee Joe Biden by an average of 9.2 points in national polls, and is trailing Biden in every swing state

Much of that decline has come from otherwise reliable conservative and Republican voters. In what appears to be an attempt to stop the bleeding, Trump simply declared himself popular today.

The 95% figure is a tell. Trump has claimed numbers like this in tweets dozens of times. No such poll numbers exist in reality.

Ironically, Trump's default explanation for polls showing Biden with double-digit leads is that they are "fake."

Trump's overall approval rating is about 40%, meaning he apparently thinks about 60% of Americans are "stupid people."

Who cares?

  • When Americans are dissatisfied with their president, they deserve a better answer than "you're stupid."
  • Saying you're popular doesn't make it true.