Saturday, February 15, 2020

What did Donald Trump do today?

He didn't read very carefully.

Trump is spending this evening at the home of an actual billionaire for a $580,600-a-plate fundraiser, but the rest of his day was spent as usual: golf and Twitter. This morning, Trump quoted from a recent New York Times article.

Trump's history makes it easy to understand why he'd be flattered by the word "king." But either he didn't understand the article he was quoting, or he assumes his supporters won't be able to. It is not particularly flattering, starting with the headline that declares him "stained in history."

The article quotes a number of Republicans admitting that Trump really had done the things he was accused of by his impeachment articles, and warning that he would only be encouraged to worse behavior:

• • •
• • •

Even the passage Trump is quoting isn't very complimentary: while Trump is certainly aggrieved and resentful, the idea that the most powerful person on the planet is being "persecuted" doesn't seem to be getting much traction.

Who cares?