Saturday, January 11, 2020

What did Donald Trump do today?

He confused his approval and disapproval ratings, then bragged about them.

Trump tweeted a boast about his approval rating this morning.

In reality, his disapproval number is 53%, as of yesterday's average of scientific polls by  

As usual, Trump didn't cite his own sources—or explain what "the Trump 'thing'" was. Even the traditionally Trump-friendly Rasmussen poll, which he has cited in the past as a rare example of good polling news, has more Americans disapproving than approving of Trump as president.

Normally it's difficult to tell if Trump is simply inventing stories about how popular he is, or is genuinely fooled by his own campaign's "push-polling," a form of intentionally biased polling meant to make candidates seem more popular than they are.

But Trump is known to have been keeping a close eye on impeachment polls, and since far more Americans favor removing him from office outright than think he should be allowed to serve out his term, he probably knew that a 53% approval rating was a lie.

Who cares?

  • One good way to be more popular as President is to actually do things that Americans approve of.
  • Most people learn by about third grade that bragging about how popular you are is not a sign of popularity.