Monday, December 23, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He shared his thoughts on his impeachment, as only he can.

Trump spent the day at his private luxury resort and on the golf course, which is not all that unusual for any given Monday, although he has the excuse of the midweek Christmas holiday this time. But Trump never stops tweeting, and today's rants included this:

Trump doesn't say why he thinks "fairness" is a bad thing, although in another tweet today he openly said Senate Republicans should use their ability to make the trial a "partisan scam," so he apparently means it. As for the "trial" in the House, archconservative Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan pointed out that there is no such thing:

As his closest confidants have told the media, Trump has for months been—even by his volcanic standards—extremely agitated about having been impeached. It is, by a wide margin, the subject he's tweeted most about for months. He even resorted last week to retweeting Vladimir Putin's "defense" of him, a move that made even supporters cringe. Trump has used every word in the book, including "treason," when railing against people who supported impeachment or his removal from office.

The most recent poll on the subject shows that 52% of Americans support Trump's removal from office.

What is the problem here?

  • Presidents are not above the law.
  • The Constitution, not the president's wishes, is the supreme law of the land.
  • A president who cannot bear the emotional strain or shame of impeachment should resign.