Sunday, December 15, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He continued to pretend that bad news about impeachment doesn't exist.

Fox News released its latest poll on impeachment, finding that fully half of Americans want to see Trump removed from office. 9% of those polled who did not favor Trump's removal still thought that he deserved to be impeached.

Trump responded on Twitter:

In reality, the Fox News poll of the 2016 election was—like almost all professional nonpartisan polls—quite accurate. Its last poll before Election Day predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote 48-44. She actually won the popular vote by 48.2-46.1.

Who cares?

  • Nonpartisan polls report what Americans tell them, not what the president wants them to say.
  • Bad news doesn't go away just because the president can't or won't admit that it exists.