Saturday, November 30, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He did about as much as he usually does on a Saturday, Sunday, Friday after mid-morning, or more than half of any given weekday.

Trump tweeted over and over again today about what he called "do-nothing Democrats," as part of a new public relations campaign to help survive the impeachment inquiry. The idea is to make Trump seem so busy with the work of the presidency that impeachment seems like a distraction.

These are the reports filed today by the pool reporter assigned to travel with and report on Trump. "Lid" means that Trump's day is over.

In other words, while Trump was tweeting about "do-nothing Democrats," he was doing it from one of his luxury resorts (where he's spent about every fourth day of his term) and specifically the golf course (where he's spent about every fifth day). 

So what?

  • People who want to look like they're working hard should try working hard, or at all.