Friday, September 6, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He bragged about the economy, which is a bit of a stretch under the circumstances.

Trump briefly turned his attention away from Hurricane Dorian—or, rather, his ongoing attempts to dig himself out of the Alabama-shaped hole he's in—to tweet about the economy. 

According to government statistics released today, the U.S. economy added 105,000 jobs in August. (Jobs for the Census, which are temporary, are usually excluded from these figures. There were 25,000 of those.) 

About 145,000 new jobs per month are needed just to keep pace with population growth, so this month's job numbers are yet another signal of a contracting economy pummeled by the effects of Trump's trade war

Trump called them "Good Jobs Numbers!" 

It's difficult to say whether Trump understood that they weren't good jobs numbers, and was just trying to project confidence, or if he genuinely doesn't know why they're not. But he does seem to be aware that Americans are increasingly concerned about the many signs that the 10-year-old recovery is abruptly slowing down. He blamed the media for that.

Why is this a problem?

  • The health of the United States economy is more important than Trump's need to feel he's doing a good job.
  • "It's the media's fault" can't be a president's answer for everything.