Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He filed yet another lawsuit to keep Congress from investigating his taxes.

Once again, Trump sent his lawyers into court to try to prevent Congress from getting any information about his taxes. New York state law allows congressional committees to request state tax returns, which would include federal tax information.

Every president and major-party presidential candidate since President Nixon has made their tax returns public. Trump promised to as a candidate, but has spent his entire presidency fighting to keep them secret.

Trump has already been caught cheating on hundreds of millions of dollars in state and federal taxes. Trump inherited almost half a billion dollars from his wealthy father through illegal schemes like setting up fake companies to do non-existent "repairs" on apartments owned by the family. When it finally came to light, it was too late for Trump to be prosecuted, although his sister was forced to resign from the federal bench in order to avoid an investigation.

Trump's tax returns could also provide clues about how much his businesses are engaged in money laundering for Russian oligarchs, and just how many years the supposedly wealthy Trump has avoided paying taxes altogether. Recent years' returns would show how just much Trump personally benefited from the tax cuts he signed. (Trump has claimed that they cost him money, which is an obvious lie.)

In related news, special counsel Robert Mueller—who did not investigate Trump's taxes—reminded Congress that Trump could be indicted after leaving office. (Trump immediately pretended that Mueller had not said this.)

Who cares?

  • Cheating on taxes is a crime.
  • Innocent people don't usually go to this kind of extreme lengths to conceal evidence of their innocence.
  • Presidents aren't above the law.