Sunday, May 12, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He once again said that it was "treasonous" for the United States to defend itself against Russian intelligence operations.

It's nothing new for Trump to declare any action that he doesn't like—which in many cases amounts to actions Vladimir Putin doesn't like—to be "treason." Lately, he's been amping up that kind of talk, although it's not clear whether it's because he's losing control of his own emotions, or hoping he can get his supporters to lose control of theirs.

It may be, as some Democrats suspect, that Trump is hoping to force Democrats to impeach him in the House—even if it means committing more and more obviously impeachable acts in plain sight—in the hopes that this will generate some sympathy for him, as President Clinton's impeachment did for him.

It's also possible that Trump is simply acting out of fear and mental instability.

Whatever the strategy or pathology behind them, today's Twitter rants took aim at Republicans and Democrats alike who Trump believes (or wants others to believe) are part of a "Treasonous hoax," and a "scam," and a "criminal conspiracy" and a "Witch Hunt," which he called a "sad joke" that was "pathetically untrue" and "sick and unlawful" perpetrated by "socialists" and "crazy looney toon[s]," and the entire leadership of the FBI and most of the heads of the intelligence agencies, and Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).

At various times Trump has declared treasonous or illegal almost every attempt to investigate or prevent Russia's attack on Americans' right to pick their own leaders without interference. (In reality, it's actually not treason to investigate crimes or to try to stop foreign attacks.) He's refused to hold Russia to any kind of account, and has actively hindered his own government's attempts to prevent Russia from redoubling its efforts in 2020, while signaling that he once again welcomes the help

So what?

  • Presidents aren't above the law, and only dictators (or people who want to be dictators) react this way to anyone saying otherwise.
  • Presidents who won't or can't defend the integrity of American elections are unfit for office.
  • At this point, even if Trump is just pretending to be this deranged for political purposes, it's almost as bad.