Friday, April 19, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He declared that the document that supposedly "TOTALLY VINDICATED" him was "bullshit."

Trump put on a brave face yesterday, insisting along with a phalanx of political allies that it was a "good day" for his presidency. This in spite of the fact that the politically damning Mueller report, released in redacted form yesterday, implicitly calls for Trump's criminal prosecution after he leaves office.

Today, however, as Trump took shelter in his Florida luxury resort for a long weekend, the mask dropped. He awoke early, railing on Twitter at the "Crazy Mueller Report," written (as he imagines) by "Angry Democrat Trump Haters" and declaring it "total bullshit."

The initial tweetstorm then took a nine-hour pause in mid-sentence while Trump played golf.

But after he finished the thought (accusing anyone who dared to investigate him of "Treason"), Trump—or his handlers, who the Mueller report make clear are frequently overruling him to save him from his own worst impulses—seemed to remember his original plan. Most of the rest of the day's many tweets and retweets were spent proclaiming that the "crazy" "bullshit" Mueller report actually "TOTALLY VINDICATED" him.

Who cares?

  • Presidents aren't above the law.
  • It's not treason to investigate—and prove—attacks on the United States by hostile foreign powers.
  • It's not treason to investigate the president.
  • A person who felt "TOTALLY VINDICATED" probably wouldn't be this angry or afraid.