Saturday, March 9, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He blamed several million of his supporters for persecuting... themselves.

Much of Trump's Twitter feed for the past year has been devoted to giving himself political defenses against criminal charges. Today, he suggested in a retweet that if he could be impeached or tried for crimes, so too might the "62,980,160" people who voted for him.

Of course, it's not illegal to support Trump or any other candidate. (It is illegal to try to use that support to sell access to him, but even with the news today that a Mar-a-Lago member implicated in a sex slavery ring was doing just that, only a relatively small number of people have been caught trying to peddle their influence over Trump.)

But while Trump's count of his vote total is surprisingly accurate for him, it ignores a recent poll showing that 64% of Americans already believe he has committed crimes

Since Trump got 46.7% of the total votes cast, that means that, at an absolute minimum, 10.7% of his 2016 voters (about 6.7 million) now already believe Trump has committed the crimes for which he is being investigated.

Why should I care about this?

  • Political popularity doesn't make a president above the law (and Trump is historically unpopular).
  • It's possible that a few of Trump's 62,980,160 previous voters are dumb enough to believe they'll be criminally liable for their vote, but it's still a pretty harsh insult to the intelligence of the rest of them.