Sunday, February 17, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He called for "retribution" against people who made fun of him.

Last night, Saturday Night Live started its broadcast with a parody of Trump's declaration of a national emergency.

Notwithstanding his legendary TV appetite, Trump sometimes claims not to watch SNL, a show he hosted during the 2016 campaign season. But the show he "doesn't watch" often manages to bait him into an angry response, like the one he gave this morning:

This isn't the first time Trump has called for "retribution" against people who report on or make fun of him. From time to time, he gets his wish.

Trump has also threatened to "look into" NBC's over-the-air broadcast license on several occasions. It's an empty threat—local stations hold those licenses, not the network itself, and the First Amendment offers ironclad protection for satire of political figures.

Who cares?

  • Anyone who can't handle being joked about is too emotionally fragile to be president.
  • Threatening to silence anyone who dares speak out against the leader is what authoritarians do.