Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What did Donald Trump do today?

He planned a parade that already exists.

Trump has spent a surprising amount of his time during his presidency planning parades—specifically, the kind that would have tanks and missiles rolling down the streets of the nation's capital. Unfortunately, Trump is 0 for 2 as a parade planner: the military brushed aside his demand to have that kind of display for his inaugural, and he balked at the price tag for a Veteran's Day parade last year.

Today, he elaborated on a new idea: a Fourth of July parade in Washington, D.C. He described it to reporters this way:

We're thinking about doing, on the Fourth of July, or thereabouts, a parade. A "Salute to America" parade. It'll be a, uh, really a gathering as opposed to a parade. I guess you'd have to say, uh, perhaps at the Lincoln Memorial, we're looking at sites, but we're thinking about doing something which would become perhaps a tradition. "Salute to America" on July 4th, or July 4th weekend, somewhere around that area. ...And you'll see how, uh, how it works out with schedules of everything else. And I think it could be a very exciting day, and the fireworks is there anyway. So we just saved on fireworks. You get free fireworks, because it's already being done. So that's very good.

This time, Trump is very likely to get his parade (or "gathering") on the Fourth of July (or "thereabouts"), for a good reason: it already exists, as both a parade and gathering.

A spokesperson for the Interior Department appeared to be hearing about the idea for the first time, but gamely agreed that Trump's one specific contribution—the phrase "Salute to America"—was a "great idea."

Why should I care about this?

  • There are already people in the federal government who do event planning as their main job.