Saturday, November 24, 2018

What did Donald Trump do today?

He "worked hard" on the golf course for the fourth consecutive day.

Trump spent his fourth straight day at one of his many private golf courses today, although as usual, the White House refused to acknowledge it. 

There is nothing unusual about Trump golfing: he rarely spends more than a few consecutive nights at the White House, preferring abbreviated work weeks that take him to his private resorts. He's golfed about twice a week since taking office. For the most part, commentators have even tired of pointing out his criticism of President Obama's comparatively mild golf habit, and his campaign promise that he'd be "too busy working" as president to hit the links.

Before leaving for his private Florida resort on Tuesday, Trump said he'd be working hard over the holiday: 'We have a lot of work we're going to be doing in Florida." Here is a complete list of Trump's work-related activities since returning from a tour of the California wildfires last Saturday:

Sunday, Nov. 18: none

Monday, Nov. 19: appearance at the delivery of the White House Christmas tree, and a lunch with Vice-President Pence

Tuesday, Nov. 20: the traditional "pardoning of the turkey" ceremony

Wednesday, Nov. 21: none

Thursday, Nov. 22: a conference call with U.S. servicemembers abroad and a visit to a local Coast Guard station

Friday, Nov. 23: none

Saturday, Nov. 24: none

Trump has no work-related activities scheduled for tomorrow and, weather permitting, is expected to play golf.

Why does this matter?

  • The presidency is a full-time job.