Friday, October 26, 2018

What did Donald Trump do today?

He got a very, very early start on the day to blame the media for bombs mailed to the media.

It's quite common for Trump to be rage-tweeting bright and early in the morning, but the elderly president normally puts down the phone and heads to bed well before midnight. At 3:14 EDT this morning, however, Trump was wide awake and furiously blaming CNN for the widely held opinion that he was partially responsible for the bombs mailed to more than a dozen people and news organizations he's attacked.

The rest of the world didn't learn until midday that the FBI had by Thursday night identified the apparent culprit in the bombings, fanatical Trump supporter and rally attendee Cesar Sayoc. Since Sayoc's bombing campaign amounts to a major domestic terror threat, Trump would have been immediately informed--which puts his middle-of-the-night doubling down on blaming CNN for the bomb mailed to it in a different light.

Later in the day, a presumably tired Trump was still sticking to the plan. Asked if he should "tone down" his attacks on the free press, he said that if anything he might increase them.

Why should I care about this?

  • The people who provide radicalized terrorists with their ideas are partly to blame when they put those ideas into action.
  • No matter how earnestly he believes it, Trump is not the victim here.
  • Only authoritarians view a free press as an obstacle to be overcome.