Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What did Donald Trump do today?

He lied about automotive jobs coming back to Michigan.

In an otherwise innocuous tweet congratulating the Republican gubernatorial primary winner in Michigan, Trump said that "lots of car and other companies" were "moving back" to the state.

Trump likes to take personal credit when companies hire workers, especially in high-profile cases like Michigan's famous automotive industry--even when, as is frequently the case, any growth is the result of plans made long before he took office. 

But in reality, auto companies have shed jobs in Michigan under Trump, reversing a long growth trend.

The picture is similar for automakers nationwide.

The latest confirmed data available is from May, so these statistics don't yet take into account any adjustments that U.S. factories may have made in preparation for the impact of Trump's tariffs. Automakers with factories in the U.S. are horrified by the prospect of what a trade war will do to sales of steel-intensive products like cars in an industry with low per-unit profit margins.

Why is this a bad thing?

  • Presidents shouldn't lie about the health of major economic sectors.
  • It's wrong to take credit for things you didn't do.