Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What did Donald Trump do today?

He got angry and confused about border issues.

Trump's evening Twitter rant today focused on immigration. In two consecutive tweets, he lashed out at "Dems," saying that Congressional Democrats had "refused to take care of DACA" but bragged that he'd gotten $1.6 billion in funding for border wall construction.

(Officially, Trump still maintains that he will somehow, someday make Mexico pay for the wall. In reality, he has been reduced to begging Mexican leaders not to publicly contradict him on that point. They have not obliged.)

Trump, who single-handedly canceled the executive order authorizing DACA, has often tried to portray himself as the savior of Dreamers and Democrats as their enemies. (Roughly 9 in 10 Americans want legal protections for children brought by undocumented parents to the United States.)

But earlier this year, Trump rejected a $25 billion offer for wall funding from Senate Democrats, and later also slammed the door on a bipartisan deal that would have gotten him the same amount in American taxpayer money for the wall. The money would have been in exchange for Trump signing a law offering protection for DACA recipients. 

Why is this a bad thing?

  • A president who can't close a deal that would give him everything he says he wants is a pretty terrible dealmaker.
  • It's wrong to blame other people for your own failures.
  • The most likely reason that Trump is refusing to take "yes" for an answer is that he doesn't really care about either his border wall or DACA recipients.