Monday, October 9, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He played golf for (probably) the third day in a row, which may have been his way of averting a nuclear war.

Most Americans went to work today, but it was a federal holiday, and Trump decided to spend it by extending his long weekend and playing golf at his private club. This is believed to be the third day in a row he's hit the links, although he broke with his usual practice by allowing his White House to acknowledge it

In and of itself, Trump golfing is no longer news: nothing more can be said about his hypocrisy or profiteering from it that hasn't been said a hundred times. But today's round is notable in that it may actually have been good for the country. After a weekend in which a sitting Republican senator called him a liar and said he was in "adult day care," and the story of his own Secretary of State calling him a "fucking moron" refused to go away, Trump is apparently in desperate need of a mental health day. The Washington Post, citing "numerous White House officials and outside advisers," reported today that Trump's ever-precarious mood is rapidly deteriorating.

This in turn may explain why Trump this morning ruled out "policy" approaches to North Korea, either unaware of or too angry to care about what sort of approach that leaves

Why does this matter?

  • It's not a good sign when the president abandoning his responsibilities is preferable to the president attending to them.