Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He immediately responded to a TV report saying he watched a lot of TV by saying he hardly watches any TV at all.

This morning at 8:39, Trump tweeted out the claim that he had "very little time for watching T.V." Taken on its face, this is an absurd claim. Trump's obsession with television is notorious. He installed a 60-inch television in his Oval Office study last month. His own aides report that he yells back at it. Interest groups and politicians have staked out shows Trump is known to watch to target him specifically with ads or direct appeals. There is no surer way to bring down a tantrum than to make fun of him on television. And his Twitter feed is littered with sudden policy announcements that seem to have been dictated by things he just heard on TV.

As NBC News's Brad Jaffy noted, Trump's strangely specific denial that he watches TV came immediately after an MSNBC guest, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker, said that Trump had been watching a lot of cable news coverage of the unfolding conspiracy scandal engulfing his son and son-in-law.


  • It's bad if a president is this thin-skinned or impulsive.
  • While Trump's TV habits are hardly the most problematic thing about his presidency, this is still an obvious lie, and it's bad when presidents lie.