Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He trashed the House's version of his own health care plan as "mean."

The Associated Press reports today that Trump is calling the AHCA "mean" and "a son of a bitch" in conversations with Republican senators, in an apparent attempt to get them to pass a version with less drastic cuts to benefits. 

Trump's change of heart may be driven by the astonishing unpopularity of the current version of Trumpcare. A Quinnipiac University poll from late May--taken before the revised CBO score showing it would cost 23,000,000 Americans their insurance--had only 20% of Americans supporting it.

Trump is entitled to his opinion--or opinions--on health care policy, but the AHCA was crafted along the lines that his administration demanded. More to the point, Trump has also lavishly praised the House version, even going so far as to hold a conspicuously premature Rose Garden victory celebration when it passed. At the time, Trump called it "very, very, incredibly well crafted," among other superlatives.

So what?

  • Policy driven by what makes the president look good at any given moment is usually bad policy.