Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He said that everyone in the White House is "getting along great."

Trump may have been referring to recent reports that he launched into an expletive-laden tirade over his staff's handling of the Sessions recusal, or various accounts that have White House staff in tears over their treatment, or allies publicly saying that Reince Priebus is "in over his head"--or worse, when quoted anonymously, or that there are several factions warring with each other for influence over him, or that his "team of rivals" approach has not worked as well in the White House as it did on The Apprentice, or that senior staff were fired for things they'd said during the campaign, or that he was forbidding his Cabinet secretaries from hiring as deputies people who'd ever criticized him, or that this was affecting his ability to even find candidates to work in the executive branch, or that he and his staff were mutually suspicious over the source of leaks, or that Trump staffers are talking openly to the media about how they manipulate him, or they believed they had more influence over him than Kellyanne Conway because to visit her office would require him to climb stairs, or that his son-in-law was using Trump to settle scores against Chris Christie within five days of the election, or that he was angry that Steve Bannon tricked him into putting Bannon on the National Security Council, or that he was angry that Reince Priebus tricked him into canceling an interview Priebus didn't think Trump was ready for, or that he was angry with both Priebus and Bannon and banished them from Air Force One as punishment, or that he was angry with Sean Spicer because a woman had portrayed him on Saturday Night Live (or because he didn't like Spicer's suit).

Trump's tweet did not specify exactly which of these accounts of strife inside his administration were "FAKE NEWS."


  • Everyone in the White House is not getting along great.