Saturday, February 11, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He apparently forgot what the word "refugee" means.

In yet another tweet aimed at the "broken" legal system that has blocked his immigration bans, Trump claimed conspiratorially that "77%" of refugees admitted to the US since the ban was stayed came from the seven "suspect" countries it targeted. 

Any refugee permitted to enter the United States in the last week would have been at the very end of what is already an extremely thorough vetting process. No fatal act of terrorism has been committed against Americans by a refugee since three Cuban refugees killed three Americans the 1970s.

Refugees, by definition, come from dangerous places.

Why is that so bad?

  • Treating all members of a group as "suspect" is the definition of bigotry.
  • It probably shouldn't surprise the President of the United States of America that refugees would seek to come here while it was legal for them to do so.
  • Courts are not "broken" simply because they rule against a president.