Saturday, January 28, 2017

What did Donald Trump do today?

He confirmed, through a spokesperson, that his ban on entry by "aliens" from seven countries would include people with permanent residency ("green card") status.

Trump's order banning entry in to the United States from certain Middle Eastern countries referred to "aliens," a category which includes legal permanent residents of the United States. Today the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that green card holders would be prohibited under the ban. Even this statement was quickly amended to say that there might be exceptions on a "case by case" basis, though no information was available on how that decision would be made, or by whom.

Permanent residency is commonly granted to spouses and adopted children of American citizens, or certain classes of skilled workers, like translators employed by the Defense Department.  It is part of the lawful path to gaining United States citizenship.

It remains unclear if keeping Americans' spouses and children from re-entering the United States was intentional. The order may be illegal, but is being enforced for the moment. 

So what's so bad about this?

  • Policy changes that seem like they were done hastily and carelessly, probably were.
  • Policies that hurt the families of Americans hurt Americans.