Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Week in Review

What else did Donald trump do this week?

He rang in the new year in the midst of charging people money for access to him, at a ticketed celebration at his Mar-a-lago club. Trump owns the venue, and will pocket the profit from the $525-575 tickets--although it should be noted that this is substantially cheaper than other attempts to sell access to Trump or his family. Trump's spokesperson Hope Hicks continued to maintain that, in essence, where charging for access is concerned, when the president does it, it's not illegal.

He created a totally new administration position just for his long-time Trump Organization lawyer. Jason Greenblatt's current job is as the chief legal representative for the Trump business empire; he will now apparently play a similar role as the "Special Representative for International Negotiations." Greenblatt has no trade policy experience to speak of.

He once again took to Twitter to complain about his media coverage. Trump has not held a press conference since July 27, and this week had his subordinates float the idea that he might just continue to not have them as president.

And these are bad things why?

  • It's bad if people can buy access to a president.
  • Presidents shouldn't create new government jobs for people whose only qualification is knowing how that job can be used to make money for the president.
  • Presidents don't get to dictate the terms of their coverage by reporters.